Juvéderm – Houston, Texas

Oasis Salon & Medispa offers two forms of Juvéderm®: Juvéderm® Ultra and Juvéderm® Ultra Plus. The two different formulations are used to treat two different issues. Juvéderm® has been approved by the FDA for adding volume and filling wrinkles in your face.

Juvéderm® Ultra – Houston

Juvéderm® Ultra is a wrinkle filler based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your skin. It combines with the body’s hyaluronic acid to add volume to your face. Studies have shown that results last up to 12 months. Juvéderm® Ultra is effective for treating the thin lines under your eyes, between your eyebrows, and between your nose and the corners of your mouth (the nasolabial folds). It is also a safe and effective product for lip plumping.

Juvéderm® Ultra Plus – Houston

Juvéderm® Ultra Plus is very similar to Juvéderm® Ultra, in that they both include hyaluronic acid, which promotes skin elasticity to give your skin a smoother, more youthful look. Juvéderm® Ultra Plus also lasts up to one year. The difference is that Juvéderm® Ultra Plus is more effective on deeper furrows and wrinkles in your face, including more pronounced nasolabial folds.

Who Is a Candidate for Juvéderm® – Houston

You may be candidate for Juvéderm® if you have wrinkles on your face or around your lips that you wish to reduce. Juvéderm® can fill in facial wrinkles and fine lines, nasolabial folds, or acne scars.

How Juvéderm® Works

Dr. Adam or a Nurse under his supervision injects Juvéderm® in the spa by appointment. Juvéderm® is a smooth gel that flows easily into the skin. A topical anesthetic or an injection of numbing medicine may be used, if desired, to minimize discomfort. The hyaluronic acid combines with the specific Juvéderm® formula to effectively create volume in your skin.

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