Our Body Contour Wrap is a great way to loose inches while keeping your body hydrated!  This amazing wrap detoxifies and cleanses the lymphatic systems. The Body Contour wrap helps free and remove trapped waste in the connetive tissue, eliminating the internal disfuguring deposits and promnotes permanent inch loss. 

This is NOT a water weight loss, this is a true inch loss done the natural way! This wrap does not include chemicals or dehydrating ingredients, therefore as you are wrapped you will not sweat.  2-8 inches guaranteed per wrap! Inch loss guaranteed as long as you are not actively gaining weight!

We also suggest purchasing the Maintain lotion to be used inbetween wraps. Maintain has the same ingrediants as the professional body contour cream, but in a formualtion you can use daily and will help you maintain your inch loss at home.

Call to book your wrap today!!!

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