Massage Services – Houston, Texas

At Oasis Salon & Spa, we offer the a range of massages. Houston residents are welcome to enjoy one of our relaxing body treatments.

30-Minute Swedish Massage

When all you have is 30 minutes …our thereapist can focus on a specific area to get the most of your time…


One-Hour Swedish Massage

Enjoy a relaxing 1 hour full body massage… luxurious satin sheets help take you into a deep relaxation mode with this full

60 minutes of pure bliss…..


90-Minute Swedish Massage

Our One hour massage extended for those who want to ensure the most relaxation possible. Enjoy 90 minutes of heaven…


30-Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massages …for those who need a bit more attention to specific areas of tight muscles due stress or workouts


One-Hour Deep Tissue Massage

For an even more intense massage …remember to drink plenty of water to release all those toxins from your body after this amazing

60 minutes of working out those stress knots and sore muscles.


90-Minute Deep Tissue Massage

You won’t walk away from this massage, you’ll float …


Oasis Hot Stone Massage

Our signature massage is a relaxing treat …your muscles and stress knots will melt away with the combination of hot stones and massage

once you have had a Hot Stone Massage you will want one every time ………..

60 minute


90 minute



You won’t believe the difference this makes …

add on 30 minutes of reflexology for $60


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