Appointment Texting Messaging System for Salon and Spa Appointments

Now with Oasis Salon and Medi Spa, you can confirm all of your Salon and Spa Appointments by responding “confirmed” to our appointment text reminders.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please DO NOT respond in text format.  Instead, we kindly ask that you call and speak to one of our front desk specialists at 281.316.8888 for further assistance.

If you forget to text back “confirmed”, one of our front desk specialists will follow up with a phone call one day prior to your appointment(s) to confirm.

 If we do not have your cell phone in the system and you would like to confirm your appointment(s) via text messaging, please call Oasis and let our front desk know that you would like to participate in our new appointment texting messaging system.  Standard text messaging rates apply. 

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